Medusa's Loc Oasis

Medusa’s Loc Oasis

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I have started the journey, Now what?!?
So you've decided to take the leap into LOCS! Congratulations! Locs are some of the most beauty forms of self expression, styling options are endless, and the loc community is amazing. Locs will allow you to grow a beautiful mane of hair with proper maintenance and care. huh, what maintenance? What care? 
You have not entered the land of "i dont have to do my hair". while you may "wake up like that", there is care involved.
Now what?
A week later at home.........

beautiful coils!!! The beginning of the loc journey. So many questions. where do I start?!? first thing is first, this is your loc journey. Its not going to look like anyone else's journey. Just because it appears that you may have the same hair texture as your favorite Youtuber, its still YOUR loc journey. Embrace what comes along with that, the Fly, the Different and the WTH.  Be ok with family members whom want to know "why you did THAT to your hair". Get comfortable explaining to your grandmother/mother that you will be able to continue working ,even with your hair loc'd.  Be ok with your hair being so versatile that it confuses your co-workers, all of them. Besides the mini ethics on locs course you may have to spearhead daily, locs are a pretty simplistic process. Self patience is key.  


Why is it called a "Loc Journey"